Saxon measurements

In English-speaking countries the Saxon system of units (or English system or the British imperial system) is used. Although the name of some units are the same as in the traditional system, they should not be confused as they are different.

Measurements of length

Name Equivalence
Inch 2.45 cm
Foot 12 inches
Yard 3 feet
Fathom 2 yards
Terrestrial mile 880 fathoms
Nautical mile 1853 meters

To convert a unit into another we will use the equivalences column.

Convert $$30$$ fathoms into yards, looking at the column equivalences and reveals:

$$1$$ fathom $$=2$$ yards.


$$30$$ fathoms $$=30\cdot2$$ yards $$=60$$ yards.

And so, $$30$$ fathoms are $$60$$ yards.

Measurements of capacity

Name Equivalence
Pint (Great Britain) 0.568 liters
Pint (USA) 0.473 liters
Barrel 159 liters

To convert one measurement to liters (which is the measurement of capacity of the decimal metric system), use the column of equivalence.

To convert $$600$$ pints (of the USA) into liters, we have: $$1$$ pint $$= 0,473$$ liters, and then:

$$600$$ pints $$=600 \cdot 0,473$$ liters $$=283,8$$ liters.

Therefore $$600$$ pints are $$283,8$$ liters.

Measurements of mass

Name Equivalence
Ounce 28.3 grams
Pound 454 grams

To convert into grams we will use the equivalence column.

To convert $$4$$ ounces into grams, perform the following procedure: $$1$$ ounce $$= 28,3$$ grams.


$$4$$ ounces $$=4 \cdot 28,3$$ grams $$=113,2$$ grams.

And so, we have that $$4$$ ounces are $$113,2$$ grams.

Measurements of surface

In this case, there is only the acre, which is equivalent to $$4047 \ \mbox{m}^2.$$