Fraction as a percentage

There are some fractions that are used more frequently than others. For instance, the fractions whose denominator is $$100$$. These fractions are usually called percentages and they appear very often in our everyday life.

When we use a percentage, $$25\%$$, for example, we are using the numerator of a fraction whose denominator is $$100$$.

In other words, $$25\%$$ is equivalent to the fraction $$\displaystyle \frac{25}{100}$$, which is equivalent to $$\displaystyle \frac{1}{4}$$.

The $$25\%$$ of $$174$$ is the same as calculating $$\dfrac{25}{100}$$ of $$174$$:

$$$174\cdot \dfrac{25}{100}=174\cdot \dfrac{1}{4}=43,5$$$