The range is the difference between the highest and lowest value of a set of data. In a certain way, we may consider as the same concept as the domain of a continuous function.

The Human Development Index (HDI) measures the developedment ofa country regarding several parameters. The following table shows the ranking of HDI of the countries of the European Union:

Country Ranking HDI
Germany $$23$$
Austria $$15$$
Belgium $$17$$
Bulgaria $$53$$
Cyprus $$28$$
Denmark $$14$$
Slovakia $$42$$
Slovenia $$27$$
Spain $$13$$
Estonia $$44$$
Finland $$11$$
France $$10$$
Greece $$24$$
Hungary $$36$$
Ireland $$5$$
Italy $$20$$
Latvia $$43$$
Lithuania $$45$$
Luxembourg $$18$$
Malta $$34$$
Netherlands $$9$$
Poland $$37$$
Portugal $$29$$
The United Kingdom $$16$$
Czech Republic $$32$$
Romania $$60$$
Sweden $$6$$

The country with the highest position in the ranking is Ireland (the fifth one), while the lowest is Romania in the position $$60$$.

And so, the range of this scoring is:

$$60-5 = 55$$ positions.