Problems from Spheres and theirs geometric figures

Find the area and the volume of a spherical area whose circumferences have radius $$10$$cm and $$8$$ cm, and the distance between them is $$5$$ cm.

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From the formula of the calculation of the area and volume of a spherical area, we have :

$$$A=2\cdot\pi\cdot 10\cdot 5= 314,16 \text{ cm}^2$$$

$$$V=\dfrac{1}{6}\cdot \pi\cdot 5\cdot(5^2+3\cdot 10^2+3 \cdot 8^2)= 1353,5\text{ cm}^3$$$


The area of the spherical area is $$314,16 \text{ cm}^2$$ and the volume is $$1353,5\text{ cm}^3$$.

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