Problems from Perimeter and area of a triangle

Given a triangle with the following measurements, answer these questions:

Basis=$$11$$ cm, side 1 $$= 11$$ cm, side 2 $$=7,5$$ cm, height (h) $$=7$$ cm

  1. Area
  2. Perimeter
  3. Semiperimeter
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  1. $$A=\dfrac{b \cdot h}{2}$$, where $$b$$ is the basis and $$h$$ the height. Applying the formula we get: $$$A=\dfrac{11 \cdot 7}{2}=38,5 \ \mbox{cm}^2$$$

  2. The perimeter is the sum of all the sides of the triangle.


3. The information of the statement interpreted by our formula is:

$$a=11, b=11, c=7,5$$

Then we have: $$p=\dfrac{a+b+c}{2}=\dfrac{11+11+7,5}{2}=14,75$$


  1. $$38,5 \ \mbox{cm}^2$$
  2. $$29,5$$ cm
  3. $$14,75$$ cm
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